"The job of this commission will be to solicit public input and make recommendations to the Mayor’s Office on how to best tell the real story of these monuments.

In addition to taking on the responsibility of explaining the monuments that currently exist, I have also asked the commission to look into and solicit public opinion on changing the face of Monument Avenue by adding new monuments that would reflect a broader, more inclusive story of our city. That is our goal." - Mayor Stoney, June 22, 2017

Please share your thoughts about the Mayor's charges to the Monument Avenue Commission: 
 (1) How do you best add context and tell the whole story of Monument Avenue?
 (2) What persons or events would you like to see added on Monument Avenue?
 (3) Do you favor removal and relocation?

Please provide your name and your Richmond home or work address. 

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Snail Mail Address:
Monument Avenue Commission
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