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Mayor approves request for extension of deadline to submit Monument Avenue Commission Report

Mayor Levar M. Stoney today granted a request for a one-month extension of the May 31 deadline he set last year for completion of the Monument Avenue Commission report.

The request was made by Commission co-chairpersons Gregg Kimball and Christy Coleman, who said that reviewing and interpreting the large volume of public comment received, including information provided during the Commission’s two most recent meetings on May 10 and May 19, will require additional time. The commissioners also said that considerable writing and editorial work remain to complete the report and requested until July 2 for submission.

The Mayor thanked the chairpersons and Commission for its work to date and approved the request to provide enough time for the report to incorporate recent public feedback and to reflect a thoughtful and comprehensive review of the issues.


The Monument Avenue Commission does not have any more scheduled public meetings.

Video of the Public Meeting on 5/10
Video of the Public Meeting on 5/19
Video of the MAC Work Session on 5/19